How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home

Many people are reluctant to purchase hardwood flooring due to the specialized care they require. However, they have become more popular and remain in high demand. If you are considering purchasing new hardwood or cork flooring, you may be at an impasse about what type to purchase. It can be a difficult choice to make. Below, you find a quick guide on how to choose the perfect wood flooring.

Before we continue, there is a popular myth that needs to be busted and that is the fact that wood flooring is expensive. One of the top rated choices for those on a budget is a laminate model which can be purchased and installed for under $3 a square foot. According to top wood flooring sellers, the four most popular choices are solid pre-finished, solid site-finished, laminate, and engineered. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each floor type (more advantages and disadvantages are listed here).

Site-Finished Solid Wood With this type of model, the floor is installed and then the stain and finish are applied. This is a popular choice as there are several varieties of wood available, various thicknesses, and it has a lower cost. However, it can be difficult to install, the finish is not all that durable, and due to moisture issues, it is not recommended for all rooms in the home. However, it can be refinished several times in a lifetime and offers an incredible feeling

Pre-Finished Solid Wood This type of flooring is finished at the factory and once it is placed in the home, there are no other steps involved. This wood has a what you see is what you get advantage to it and is quite durable. However, it does have a 35% higher cost per square foot and can warp due to changes in humidity which makes it a bad choice for basements. Like the site finished floor model above it offers a comfortable feel and great sound. It is best to have this type of flooring professionally installed to avoid any issues in the future.

Engineered Wood This type of flooring is created with a real wood veneer that is glued to a substrate. This has been so well accomplished, it is difficult to tell it is not solid wood. This type of wood flooring is quite easy to install, is able to withstand moisture better, and has a much lower cost per square foot. Unfortunately, this type of wood tends to show wear much quicker and can not be refinished multiple times.

Plastic Laminate It is amazing how far laminate flooring products have come over the past 15 years. This flooring is made by placing a printed photo of wood on top of the substrate and finishing it with a plastic finish. The technology has come a long way in which it is hard to tell laminate from the real thing. This flooring is quite inexpensive, easy to install, and highly durable. However, they do not offer the most comfortable feeling underfoot and are not able to be refinished.

One final top regardless of the wood you choose, pick the right installer. The subfloor must be prepared properly before laminate or wood is installed. Using a website such as will allow you to find the perfect wood flooring for your room and budget.